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“Happenstance follows the ins and outs of young adults who make decisions that determine the fates of their hearts, at that moment in time. Lori returns home after one year of college, certain that age no longer presents an obstacle to pursuing Branson, the older gentleman she met the previous summer. Unexpected circumstances and moral roadblocks taint the possibilities and expose Lori’s own immaturity, both spiritually and emotionally. Unable to find her definition of the perfect man, Lori moves her focus from guys to her career before entering into another relationship, complicated by its own set of challenges. All seems lost until a chance encounter introduces her to the girl that holds the key to her happiness.”

“Tammy Mentzer Brown has written an endearing story of navigating the waters of young adulthood. It captures the joys and sorrows of growing up and shows how you can be friends with people whose beliefs/values may not be the same as yours without compromising your own. This is a great book for everyone to enjoy but also useful to those of us with teens.”

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Available in Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle.