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A Teacher’s Prayer

When a young girl’s life is turned upside down at the age of four, it sets the stage for a life that only the grace of God could right. At home, school and even at church, she would suffer some of the most common and often unspoken abuses that still occur in our society today. Yet somehow faith, love and kindness seems to fight its way into her life, in the form of friends, teachers and other good Samaritans who followed God’s guidance to intercede. Come follow the inspirational true story of hope, courage, and second chances lived out loud and see how the power of prayer from an unlikely source paved the way for a new life.

“As a retired teacher and administrator, I highly recommend this book to all who work with Amercia’s learners, our future. Ms. Brown’s story provides great insight into the lives of children who live in dysfunctional situations and/or in poverty. I marvel at her ability to paint vivid pictures in the minds of her readers. Definitely worth reading, sharing, and rereading.”

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“What an amazing story about a womans journey and God’s power and redemption throughout her life. Truly a classic which will inspire many lives!”

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