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Choose Joy

The Bible is full of examples, to lean on in times we really don’t understand how in the world we can keep going, or simply handle a situation.  In Psalms 103:1 we read a Psalm of King David which states, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” David cites and reminds himself, of all the mercies that have been bestowed to him from God.  Some scholars say that David was pleading to God for he was ailing in health; while others claim, this was a typical, but sincere utterance of his adoration for his Lord.  In this Psalm, what we do know for certain, is that David recollects the true Giver of peace and blessings, through praise, which does reinvigorate him within himself at that particular time.

I wanted to share this with you today, because I find this Psalm (in particular) to be an excellent Psalm of praise, of devotion!  Through this Psalm I am encouraged to remember to choose joy for my mental health, and what a better focus than on the magnitude of a gracious and loving God! See, I have lived way too much of my life in the dark, and prefer not to be there anymore.  It is true, sometimes still I find myself being overcome by negative emotions that do impact my mood, yet it is in those times, I turn on a praise song really loud to voice what I know is true; God is awesome and has me covered. He has it all in His hands-all of me and my life, and truthfully, I can imagine no greater assurance than that, nor do I want to!  The point is staying positive and not letting things get to you.  How we deal with things, is up to us, our choice.  How do you choose?

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